Dan Bandel Photography LLC

“In 1976 I got my first 35mm Nikon camera as a high school graduation gift from my father. In 1980 I bought my first Leica M3 and since then, there haven’t been many days when I didn’t have a camera close by. In the years that followed, photography opened doors, bridged the language barrier, and helped me make friends around the world. The study and practice of photography has enriched my life in countless ways. Today, making photographs is still a compelling part of what I do. I’m pleased to travel again this year, to see some familiar faces and to meet some new friends."

"I hope, in the coming years, my photographs will remain cherished reminders of carefree times, lasting friendships, and the smiling faces of loved ones: perhaps gone, but not forgotten.”

Dan Bandel
1104 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
505-819-9794 cell
Email: danbandel@mac.com

Current Photo Projects and Travel Galleries

Lake and Peninsula 2016-2017 ARCHIVE

Bristol Bay 2016-2017 ARCHIVE

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